Home Remedies for Swimmers Ear

Home remedies to ease ear pain
Here is a compilation of trusted home remedies that can ease the pain in the ear:

- Mild swimmer’s ear can also be treated with a few drops of white vinegar placed in both ears. Put a few drops of vinegar in one ear and leave it in the ear canal for about five minutes before turning the ear down in order to drain the solution. It is advisable to repeat this twice a day for three days. It is most effective against any fungal or bacterial infection as the acetic acid inhibits the growth of bacteria.

- When water clogs the ears, put three or four drops apple cider vinegar, diluted in equal parts with water or alcohol, after showering or swimming. This helps prevent future infection.

- Take some baby oil, heat it and as it warms pour into the ears with the help of a ear dropper and place a cotton ball to avoid draining the oil.

- Use the hair dryer to evaporate the water molecules in the ear. Set it to warm and sway it across the ear as it blow dries your ear. The warm air will enable evaporation of any trapped water.

- Mix equal parts water, peroxide, and white vinegar. Use an eye dropper to put a few drops in ear. Let it stay in the ear for a minute. Tip head to let the solution drain. Put a piece of cotton in ear. It is advisable to do this before bedtime.

Diet for Swimmers Ear
Find out which foods relieve swimmers ear
One can have a regular and nutritious meal. Nothing in particular in terms of food can help relieve the effects of swimmers ear.

Suggestions for Swimmers Ear
Basic suggestions to avoid relapse of swimmers ear
There are some basic steps one can take to avoid the relapse of swimmers ears.
Here are some such suggestions:

- Apply some oil before getting in the pool to avoid water flushing out the protective oils in the ear.

- After a swim turn the head and gently pull the ear in different directions to drain water out of the ear. Try drying the opening of the ear very carefully with the help of a towel.

- Avoid swimming in dirty or polluted waters and even if you unknowingly do so, be safe and wear earplugs when you swim.

- Avoid poking the ear with fingers or sharp objects