Asthma Remedies - Natural Herbal Home Remedy for Asthma Treatment

Asthma is not generally a problem that should simply be tackled at home. It requires professional treatment and attention. Childhood asthma tends to be associated with an allergic response, there may also be hay fever and eczema present in the family. In trying to identify the allergens responsible it is often valuable to look further at external factors and also internal ones such as diet, as well as conventional skin testing.

Home remedies for Asthma
Asthma Treatment using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
During an actual attack of asthma, simply sniffing the aroma of a couple drops of essential oil on a paper tissue may give relief from the spasm of airways - choose from Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense or Chamomile. In between attacks of asthma, massaging a choice of the above oils, diluted, into the chest may help to prevent the spasms and build-up of thick mucus which gives the wheezing symptoms.

Essential oils, diluted in a base oil as recommended, can be massaged into the chest to relax the airways and ease breathing during asthma attack.

Herbalism - Herbal Home Remedies for curing Asthma
Professional practitioners may use remedies which directly reduce the allergic response, or dilate the bronchial passageways, depending on specific individual needs. In between asthma attacks, taking an infusion of a mixture of Chamomile, Eyebright and Lavender may help to relax the airways, tone up the mucous membranes and reduce inflammation and irritability of the bronchi.

Homeopathy and Asthma Treatment
The professional will similarly look to treat each person individually, so only consider the remedies below in the short term:

ACONITE: at the earliest sign of breathing problems, especially if brought on by a cold, or simply cold weather with strong winds, and where there is much anxiety or fear.

ARSENICUM: when symptoms are worse after midnight, with restlessness and a feeling of exhaustion.

IPECACUANHA: where there is wheezing, with a persistent, rattly cough accompanied by a strong feeling of nausea.

Naturopathy - natural home cure for Asthma
For childhood asthma, it is well worth trying a change of diet to exclude cows' milk products for a while, to decrease sugary baking products and sweets (candy), and to increase fresh vegetables and fruit.

Breathing exercises may be of help, especially for later-onset asthma or when exercise seems to aggravate the condition; a simple method of deepening the breathing pattern is to blow up balloons.