Sciatica - Natural Herbal Home Remedy for Sciatica Treatment

Pains along some point of the Sciatic nerves and running from the low back down either leg to the foot are a common form of neuralgia. The pains may come about from an injury and treatment from an osteopath should always be considered as one of the best ways to correct the cause. Poor posture, badly designed chairs or even a full back pocket can all cause pressure and pain in the Sciatic nerve an thus leads to Sciatica.

Home remedies for Sciatica
Aromatherapy - Initially, use cold compresses with either Chamomile or Lavender oils included. When the pains are less acute, or in longer-lasting sciatic discomfort, try warm compresses as suggested for Neuralgia.

These oils are very helpful, diluted 2 cent in a base oil and slowly massaged into the affected area.


Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita)or Lavender (Lavandula vcra) are also two useful herbs to take in infusion to ease muscle spasm and inflammation which add to the pains.

For acute muscle spasms in the thigh or legs,try making a strong decoction of Cramp Bark (European Cranberry Bush) (Viburnum opulus) and using as a warm compress. A small cupful of this may be taken internally as a powerful relaxant.

Improving your posture to Treat Sciatica
Apart from the suggestions listed on this page, you may want to consider help with improving your posture, learning how to move and hold yourself comfortably. The Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Technique are two systems that can help here; there are many qualified teachers of both available. Massage is not generally suitable in an acute phase, but in the longer term it is very helpful (see below for self-massage, or find a good massage therapist for best results).


ARSEN ALB: for intermittent pains shooting from the thigh down to the knee or even ankle.

IGNATIA: for sharp pains in the lower back and upper thighs, eased by walking around.

RHUS TOX: for severe pains in the hip, radiating down to the knee and causing limping. Generally these pains are worse in damp weather.

Naturopathy - Hot and cold compresses, as described for Neuralgia , may give relief. Gentle exercise is generally useful, but stop if it becomes too painful. Take a serious look at your posture, how you bend, pick up things and so on. It is important to try keep your back fairly upright, using your legs to bend or to take the weight.

Look carefully at all the chairs you use. Sit well back on a chair, and use cushions if necessary to get you into a more comfortable position. In general, avoid staying in one position for too long, as the muscles begin to tighten and stiffen. For example, try to have regular breaks on a long car journey, or walk about for a while on the train.

To help ease sciatic pain, massage diluted essential oils, as recommended, into the buttock and upper thigh with slow circular movements.