Home Remedies for Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?
The cholesterol is a natural substance in the human body's cells.
The cholesterol is necessary for the normal operation of the organism. In normal levels it is a essential for metabolism in every cell.
It only is dangerous for the health if the levels in blood rise above normal, then the cholesterol becomes the main enemy of the arteries and can cause heart attacks.

Home Remedies For Cholesterol
Cholesterol Home Remedies with Pomelo:

Pomelo, which is a family of the grapefruit is a citrus. It has a lot of vitamin C and therefore is really good and healthy. The pomelo is sweet sour and very essential. It is possible to eat it fresh or cooked, in salads, cakes and more. It is also possible to make essential oils from the pomelo and make home remedies.
Pomelo is very good when having cholesterol problems. Drink a lot of pomelo and treat your cholesterol.
Make a fresh salad with vegetables you like and add some pomelo, the flavor is great and very good for cholesterol.
Lemon Grass Home Remedies for Cholesterol:
Lemon grass is an aromatic plant smells like lemon, it is excellent as an addition to soups, make sauces of it, make cold or hot tea which is very good for some health problems as a remedy, and more.
perfumes and essential oils can be made from lemon grass and also some medicines.
Make tea from the lemon grass to help with the cholesterol levels. Boil water in a pot and add the lemon grass, wait for a little while, take out the leaves, and drink. Repeat a few times a day to help the cholesterol levels.
Cholesterol treatments with cinnamon:
Cinnamon is a well known herb which is used in cooking, and as addition to tea, apple cider and more.
The cinnamon is a bark. It is very aromatic and with a strong flavor. It is also possible to make essential oils from cinnamon and to use it as a home remedy for many purposes.
Boil water in a small pan, add 8-12 medium cinnamon sticks, some honey and mix. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes, take of the heat and let it cool. Drink a few times a day to help with the cholesterol levels.
Home Remedies for Cholesterol with Garlic:
Garlic is a member of the onion family. It is very useful in health problems.
Garlic can be consumed cooked or rough in salads, dishes, as a powder, in soups and more.
Take one garlic clove, peal it and stick it in a bread slice, then eat. Try to eat it once a day to help with the cholesterol. Garlic is also good for other health problems.