Natural Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder in which a person is
unable to refrain from frequent and excessive
consumption of alcohol.

Alcoholics have a puffy face with bloodshot eyes,
hoarse voice and a rapid pulse. They are suspicious,
irritable and over-emotional. Vomiting, delirium,
impaired judgment, and disturbed sleep are some of
the other symptoms that alcoholics suffer from.
Excessive drinking damages the liver and gradually leads
to cirrhosis. It also leads to disorders of the stomach
and bowels. It can cause damage to the brain cells, and
also affects the heart, which becomes weak and flabby.

Alcoholism starts with the individual taking an
occasional drink. This gradually becomes a habit and
leads to a state where the person cannot do without
alcohol. Some people drink alcohol to enliven social
gatherings under social pressure; for others, it is an
escape from the responsibilities or stresses of life.
Natural Alcoholism
Treatment using Apples:
Apples are another effective
remedy for alcoholism. A
generous intake of apples
helps remove intoxication
and reduces the craving for
wines and other intoxicating
Natural Alcoholism Treatment using Bitter Gourd:
The juice of the leaves of bitter gourd is an antidote
for alcohol intoxication. It is also useful for a liver
damaged due to alcoholism. Three teaspoons of this
juice, mixed with a glass of butter milk, should be
taken every morning for a month.

Natural Alcoholism Treatment using Celery:
The juice of raw celery has also been found useful in
alcoholism. It exercises a sobering effect on the
patient and is an antidote to alcohol. Half a glass of
celery juice mixed with an equal quantity of water
should be taken once daily for a month.