More Home Remedy Treatments for Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) has many causes, medical and otherwise. You can help prevent this condition with the following home remedies:

Quit smoking. Studies have shown that smoking is associated with blockages in the blood vessels of the penis that obstruct the blood flow necessary for an erection. If you smoke, quit. It won't reverse existing damage, but it can help prevent it from worsening.

Protect your crotch from injury. One very common cause of ED, especially in young men, is an injury to the crotch area. Often, these injuries (and the erectile problems they cause) do not heal of their own accord and must be treated with surgery. Crotch injuries can be caused by sports such as bicycling, karate, horseback riding, and rodeo riding. If you believe that your erectile difficulties were caused by such an accident, you should see a doctor.

Make sure your aim is true. Believe it or not, another cause of ED is . . . brace yourself . . . a broken penis. This type of injury -- which is thankfully quite rare -- can occur when your partner is on top, your penis slips out of her vagina, and she sits on it. This can actually cause a hole in the erection chamber, along with bruising and swelling from internal bleeding. When this happens, you'll need surgery to repair the hole.

When struggling with ED or impotence, remember that many home remedies or treatment options are available to you. Don't let embarrassment keep you from treating this disorder.