Home Remedy for Sinusitis Treatment

The sinus cavities are air spaces in the bones of the skull, behind, above and below the eyes. They act as a kind of sound-box, helping the voice to resonate. Like the nasal passages they are lined with mucous membranes and an infection in the nose or throat can spread to the sinuses, acute sinusitis can be very painful and needs prompt treatment.

Chronic sinusitis may be linked to allergic reactions such as hay fever.

Home remedies for Sinusitis
Sinusitis Treatment using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Steam inhalations are the best way to work directly on the membranes, loosening thick mucus and fighting infection. Choose from oils of Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Pine, Thyme or Tea Tree; a combination may be best, or else change around the oils. In acute sinusitis, the inhalations can be taken 4 times a day to ease the pain and relieve the congestion, reducing to once daily as the symptoms ease, until the sinuses have cleared up.

Herbalism - Herbal Home Remedies for Sinusitis
Apart from steam inhalations, using infusions internally can help to reduce the catarrh and inflammation. Look at the following herbs.

CATMINT (Nepeta cataria): reduces nasal congestion and helps to liquefy the thick, sticky mucus.

ELDERTLOWFER (Sambucus nigra): reduces inflammation by improving circulation through the area, clears long-term catarrh, and eases congestion.

GOLDEN SEAL (Hydra stis canademis): has an astringent effect, cooling and toning up swollen, inflamed membranes. As this herb is quite expensive and difficult to find loose, it may be easier to take in tablet form, up to 500 mg a day.

It is also often very valuable to take plenty of garlic, either raw or as garlic perles, to fight any infection.

Sinusitis Treatment using Homeopathy
Try to match the remedy to the symptom pattern - look also at suggestions for Catarrh, Colds or Hay Fever.

HEPAR SULPH: for painful swelling of the nasal cavities, tender to the touch, with infected, yellow mucus discharge.

NAT MUR : a profuse, watery discharge, sneezing and a frontal headache are typical symptoms calling for this remedy.

SILICA: for a dry, blocked nose and a severe headache, perhaps with bouts of sneezing; worse with cold and better with warmth.

Naturopathy - Natural Home cure for Sinusitis
Immediately cut out all dairy products, and restrict white flour, pastries, and cakes and so on. Eat plenty or fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid smoky atmospheres, and do not fly when nasal passages are acutely inflamed or blocked, as the changes in air pressure can given severe pain and could damage the eardrum.

Use alternating hot and cold light compresses or just splashes of water around the nose; start with hot water for about 3 minutes and then cold for no more than 1 minute, repeating 2 or 3 times. This will reduce congestion and inflammation, and thus ease the pains. Using an inhalation can be a helpful back-up to this.

Treatment for Sinusitis (Sinus Infection) by Home Remedy
Take 2 fresh young nettle tops, 1 tablespoon blackberry leaves, 1 sprig fresh peppermint, 1 head meadowsweet 600 ml of boiling water and Infuse all the herbs in the boiling water for 10 minutes, covered. Take this sinusitis remedy in the springtime to clear this painful problem before summer arrives.

A few drops of either in hot water are good to inhale.