Home Remedy for Shingles Treatment

Shingles is a condition brought about by the same virus, herpes zoster that cause chickenpox. It can lie dormant in the body for years before triggering an attack when you are stressed and exhausted. There is usually some pain in the affected area for a day or so before the very painful blisters appear along the pathway of the affected nerves. Sometimes there is considerable pain around the site for weeks, months or even years after the blisters have gone and Shingles can be treated in the same way as neuralgia. Shingles is very unpleasant and requires professional advice at any time but especially if it is on the face because precautions must be taken to protect the eyes.

Home remedies for Shingles
Aromatherapy - A number of essential oils can act locally very powerfully to reduce the pains, dry up the blisters and as direct anti-viral agents. It may be best to use a combination of two or three of these oils; for small areas of blisters paint the oils on neat, once or twice daily, otherwise use them in the bath or diluted in water as a warm compress.

Initially, choose from Bergamot, Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oils; if pains persist, use Lavender for its healing and analgesic properties - good combinations are Bergamot and Tea Tree, Bergamot and Lavender, but all the above are useful.


Lavender oil (Lavandula vera), as described above, is excellent for local use; this can be backed up by taking Lavender flowers as an infusion for their relaxing effect. If there are long-standing pains, after the acute attack has gone (known as post herpetic syndrome), then a general nerve tonic like Oatstraw (Avena sativa) is very helpful - either take 20 drops of the tincture twice daily, or simply include plenty of oats in the diet, for instance as porridge. If depression has set in, an infusion of Rosemary (Rosmannus officinalis) works winders; drink a cupful in the morning. At the other end of the day, a cup of Lime Blossom (Tilia europaea) tea in the evening can help restful sleep.

Homeopathy - Some possible homeopathy treatments for shingles are given below

APIS MEL: where there is a large amount of blistering, with swelling and a burning sensation. Symptoms are eased by cold applications.

ARSKN ALB: for reddened skin, with the blisters merging together and possibly discharging. Symptoms eased by warm applications.

Naturopathy - In Preventive terms, it is advisable to try to steer clear of someone with chickenpox, especially if you are feeling very run-down yourself. Since in real life you may be the one looking after your child with chickenpox, this is not so easy! Spraying the sick room with essential oils (see Aromatherapy above for choice), using 10-15 drops in a 600 ml plant spray filled with water, can help too.

If you feel the first signs of irritation try rubbing the area with a freshly cut lemon. During an attack of shingles a salt bath may give relief and promote healing and drying of the blisters. Take a Vitamin B complex supplement to nourish the nervous system, and look generally at reducing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment of Shingles by Best Home Remedy
Vitamin E oil will reduce the pain and irritation of the rash and also help to prevent scarring if shingles is on the face.

Try this good shingles remedy - vitamin B complex, a regular bowl of-oats, a fruit juice fast, a daily tablespoon each of orange juice and castor oil, and nettle, sage, camomile, valerian or blackberry leaf tea.