Home Remedies For Burns

How to Cure Burns with Natural Treatments
Apply honey on the burn and cover with a bandage.
Put 2 tablespoons of yogurt on the burn and wait 15 minutes.
Home remedy for a burn in the tip of the finger hold your ear lob and you will feel no pain.
Put egg whites on the burn.
Cut an onion and apply immediately on the burn.
Soak the burn in whole milk for 15 minutes.
Immediately wash with water.
Herbal remedy for burns: put Aloe Vera on the burn every few hours, can also mix with lavender oil.
Put some mustered on the burn.
Apply some dish washing detergent on the spot, immediately after getting burned.
dab on pure essential lavender oil, the pain dissipates within 10 minutes. depending on the severity of the burn apply several times a day for a few days. it won't leave a scar and it smells good too!, by Chris